Friday, May 11, 2012

Year of the V

A Teen-Jeopardy episode the other night reminded me that this is the Year of the Dragon in Chinese culture.  Here in our house, it's been the Year of Something Else.  Something scarier than a dragon.

The V-word is back.  But hopefully, this is just a quick passing thing.  J is doing great with her gluten-free diet and feeling wonderful.  Today, she moves back to her own bed in the room she shares with S.

Yesterday, O threw up all morning, but by mid-afternoon, he was feeling fine.  It was mostly clear, so I just figured it was asthma related (because he was coughing, too) and moved on.

But today, I got a text from my sister, first thing, that N had the same clear-vomit sickness.  A few minutes later, Z came into my room to tell me he was having the same symptoms.  After clear-vomiting like four times, Z looked at me hopelessly and asked, "Do you think I have what J has?"

Puzzled, I gave him a look.

He said, "Well, because I can't stop throwing up."

I said, "I really don't think so.  But if you're still throwing up in 16 days, we'll consider it."

Sad that 16 days is the new standard.  Wow.  I've been so desensitized by this whole experience.

Anyway, we've got both N and Z lying around with their buckets, sucking Popsicles and watching cartoons.  I'm hoping and praying the buck stops there.  No more kids sick.  No mamas.  No daddy.  Nobody else get sick because this is Mother's Day weekend and I really want to enjoy it.  Not that we have big plans ... but at least I don't want to spend it tending vomit cleanup and pukey kids.  Please, Lord?

One of these days, I feel like maybe we might have a week where vomit isn't the main topic of discussion around here.  Won't life be splendid then?!


  1. Your request for a Mother's Day without vomit is a small request that I pray will be granted. You desearve it!

    Love, Mom

  2. Just got a text from my sister that little E started vomiting on their way home. :( Sick kids is hard, but sick babies is miserable! Poor thing.

    Now seriously, no more!

  3. Man, I'm so sorry for all of you! :( Just prayed for recovery!