Saturday, May 5, 2012

Two Weeks

J was sick again this morning.  We've officially reached the 14 day/two-week mark.  It's funny because when we were last at the doctor's on Thursday, he asked, "What is this?  3-1/2 weeks now?"

I said, "No, only 12 days."

He said, "Gosh it feels like it's been so much longer!"

I said, "You're telling me!  Try living with it every day!  It feels like eternity at this point."

It feels like forever to me and yet this morning, watching her hurl more, I could only think about how amazing she is to me.  This little girl has hardly complained at all.  And not only has she kept herself from complaining, but she actually does her best to smile during those brief moments between the nausea.  There are glimpses of her usual, playful personality that come through, too.

And when she sees E, her cousin, she lights up.  I think E is the perfect embodiment of a human with no worries -- for J or otherwise.  It helps that she's not yet 9-months-old, but also, E is another joyful spirit, like J.  So they have a bond that goes beyond J and the other cousins (she loves all her cousins, but there is something really special between she and E).  Super cool.

H has playoff games again today, up to three depending on wins or losses.  Life continues marching on.

C and S said the prom went well last night.  It was a late night for sure, so I'm super glad C went instead of me.  Especially since I had to get up first thing to help J.

That's the latest.


  1. I know, E seems a very happy baby! So nice that she and J relate well.
    Congratulations to H and his team doing well!