Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Delight

I am celebrating a moment of pride I'm having as a mama and I just had to share it with all of you.

S went down to Noonday and served meals to the homeless population of Albuquerque all morning.  Afterwards, the lady coordinating the service event told me that S worked soooo hard and scrubbed all the dishes herself (among other things).  They served 137 people today -- so there were a lot of dishes!  I'm so proud of her for representing our family well and being the hands and feet of Christ down there today.

Z came home from church and mowed our back lawn for the first time this season (it was about a month overdue, too) so he had his work cut out for him.  He did it all voluntarily!  He did an awesome job and even emptied the collection bag at the end.  The yard has a long way to go to get back to nice looking this season, but a trim lawn helps enormously.  What a great example of stewardship he is setting for his siblings.

Some of us in the family went searching around looking for something to help us watch tonight's solar eclipse (we're totally unprepared, sadly) and learning that we waited too long because everyone is sold out.  But while we drove around to various places trying to find shade #14 welding glass or whatever, H stayed home.

When we walked in the house, I found him in the homeschool room with a blank U.S. map, practicing writing in where each state is located.  He was studying, of his own accord, on a Sunday!!  It nearly brought a tear to my eye in just pride, joy and honestly, shock.  This boy has hated school for years, and now he's doing it on his own.  Wow.

He said, "I want to do really well on the the geography test this week."

He cares!  Amazing.

I was feeling disappointed that we may miss the eclipse because of a lack of planning, but God has used our kids to allow me to see amazing things today anyway.  I'm just so overjoyed and pleased with them.  And I'm so, so blessed to be their mama.


  1. Those are great stories! I'm very proud of them as well. :) And geography--especially US geography--is the funnest and one of the most useful subjects, so that's a great thing to want to do well at.

    I hope you can see the eclipse! I hope you find some welder's glasses or whatever.. but even if you have to just look at the shadows or sunshine through the trees (I've heard this is a way to see the little shape), just get out there and try. :) I probably won't see any of it since it's so cloudy.

  2. Such heart-warming stories of the kids. I'm proud of my grandchildren, too. Great jobs!

    Love, Namma