Friday, May 4, 2012

Today Was a Good Day

J woke this morning feeling good.  Over the past couple weeks, that's meant that the next couple days are terrible.  One doctor told us that she was overdoing it on her good days and prolonging the illness.  It's really hard to make J lay around and eat plain toast when she's finally feeling a bit like her old self again -- even if the feeling is temporary.

The truth is, we don't know from one good day to the next, if this good day is the beginning of her recovery rather than just a break in the action.  She had a good day today and I enjoyed hearing her laughter and seeing her eat some yogurt and then go back for a spoonful of seconds (yogurt is part of the BRATTY diet, instead of BRAT, to give her a slightly more rounded nutritional base).  I did remind her not to run around and get all crazy, but it's hard to make her do nothing.

She's a kid.  She's an energetic kid.  She's a fun-loving, playful, creative, energetic kid! Kids are supposed to play and have fun and it stinks to have to constantly remind her to slow down, rest up and don't overdo it.  I could tell about midday that she'd probably overdone it a little in the first half of the day.  She was a little paler and she started laying around more.  But moments ago when I got a call from a friend, my friend could hear her giggling with her brothers in the background.  It really is music to my ears.

Her blood work came back fine with some indications that she may have allergies.  The CT Scan was finally scheduled for next week because our insurance company gave the doctors the runaround for most of the day till we ran out of time today.  Finally they agreed to cover the CT Scan without Contrast (the doctor initially wanted to do it with Contrast, but he said it'll be okay without).

Meanwhile, I am home with the four younger kids while C agreed to go chaperone the prom with S and a group of her friends who went together (mostly "stag").  I was planning to go as I did last year, but I am just so tired, I needed the break from the crazy schedule of running people around.  I did take pictures of the kids before prom and C brought a Rubik's Cube (S's, he suddenly got obsessed with solving the thing today) to work on while he sits there till 11pm.

The weather was beautiful today - 80s with a light wind - sunshiney and lovely.

Watching my nieces was pretty easy today.  Even E slept for two hours in her morning nap, which usually only lasts 30-60 minutes.  I hope she doesn't give her mama a hard time tonight because of too much sleep in the day.

J missed her end of P.E. class pool party today (we figured swallowing a bunch of pool water probably wasn't the best idea), but the boys got to go and they all received certificates of completion, which is really awesome.  Z even got a special mention on his certificate that he had the 3rd fastest mile-time in the class (he's 10 and the oldest kids are 15, so I'd say that's pretty good!).  J got a certificate as well, so she was really happy with that -- even though she missed the swimming and cookies.

So yeah, overall, it was a really good day.  I don't know what tomorrow will bring (and how early it might start), but thank you, God, for the good stuff of this day.


  1. She missed church for 2 weeks, missed her cousins birthday party, and missed her P.E. class pool party, yet she was heard giggling with her brothers today. J, you are a special young lady!!
    Love, Namma

  2. I enjoyed the group picture from the prom!
    S is beautiful!!