Thursday, May 10, 2012

Third Day

This is the third day in a row of J feeling better.  Hooray and praise the Lord!  Her appetite is going like gang-busters, too.  She actually enjoys tracking it in her food diary, too.  One day, perhaps I'll scan a page or two so you can see how she's doing. 

We told her she can have one more night in our room and tomorrow, she gets to move back to her bed.  I'm not sure if S is excited to have her roommate back or not.  But we'll be glad to reclaim the floor space where she's been sleeping in our room (while sick).

On the other side of the coin, O started coughing (he's asthmatic) and gagging from coughing during the night.  He vomited twice in the night and two more times in the morning.  Mostly, it's phlegm, so I'm sure it's a lung issue and not a tummy issue with him.  We'll see.  But he's taking it easy and resting up today.  We'll nebulize him this evening and hopefully tonight will go better.

In other news, I'm facing new challenges with E who is almost nine months old now.  She's really persistent when she wants something (Uncle C's electronics, Tia R's school posters, everyone else's food, etc.) and she's developed a courageous personality of her own.  She is becoming a fast crawler and she wants to go anywhere I am not, it seems.

Trapping her in the homeschool room with us works okay (except her love of sucking on paper products, of which there are many in this room), but I'm always worried she's going to be knocked down by the door if someone enters and doesn't realize she's there trying to figure out how to open it and escape.

The funny thing is that she so much reminds me of J and we didn't even have J from 7 to 12 months old.  But there is something about her abundant curiosity and her persistence that just spell H-O-U-D-I-N-I, which is what I used to call J.  She could get into or out of anything.  Climbed out of her crib from 14 months on.  The little stinker.  Hehehe.

It's fun seeing E learn and grow and being a part of her life almost daily, but she definitely adds complexity to things.  I keep worrying she's bored, but I think mostly, she's just bored of where she is this very second.  There are greener pastures in any other room than her current space.

What to do to occupy a 9-month old during school times ... any ideas?  (And P.S. she's not fond of confinement to a high chair -- with or without snacks -- or her walker or her playpen.  She's far more distracting when she's unhappy.)


  1. Hey, it's like you're getting back those months you lost with J! Kind of interesting. :) And E does sort of resemble J as a baby.

    I bet there are some good ideas on Pinterest!

  2. It does feel like that sometimes. And I'm still not ready for it!! :)

    I do see a lot of J in E -- appearance, personality, etc. It's cool.

    Thank you for the Pinterest tip ... I still haven't looked at that site. Ha. What's wrong with me?! Behind the times, I know.

  3. Well, you're probably saving yourself some time by avoiding Pinterest, but it *would* be a good place for ideas. :)

  4. E is probably a lot like her mother, too, in that respect. Her mom was only happy if I was holding her or if she climbing and getting into trouble. (Which she did way before she could walk.)