Friday, May 25, 2012

Village Inn

After we attended K's fifth grade graduation this week, we went out for a celebration dinner at a local chain restaurant called Village Inn.  I had a 20% off coupon, so it was a good cost-effective way to dine out with a big group, plus there are a lot of choices to make kids happy there.

Now, Village Inn is a sit-down with service kind of restaurant, but it's sort of in line with IHOP or Denny's or a place like that.  Not too fancy, but good enough for a party with mostly kids.

Anyway, the next day, J and I were out and about and we drove by a Village Inn.  She must have had it on her mind since the previous night, but suddenly she said, "I know why they call it Village Inn!"

I said, "You do?"

She said, "Yes, because there is no drive-thru!  People have to go 'in' if they want to eat there."


Congratulations to all the students we know graduating or moving up to a new school-level this year (elementary to middle, preschool to elementary, etc.) -- especially our nieces, K and N!

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