Monday, May 7, 2012

Rushing Around

J's CT Scan got moved up to this morning at 11:30.  Just when I thought we'd have a semi-normal week, I'm left rushing.  But everything is okay and coming together.

S is at an orientation for School of Ministry that she wants to attend for 12th grade, possibly, and it's over at 11:30.  She doesn't have a cell phone.

J is sick again this morning.  I'm helping her with that.

I have E here and I need to pick up N from preschool -- usually at 11:15.

So, I got a friend of ours to pick up S at 11:30 and bring her to the hospital where she can help me manage all the kids.  I got a message to the School of Ministry to pass her a note in class and tell her who is picking her up.

I called the preschool to have N ready at 10:30 so I can get her early and bring her with us to the hospital.

Hopefully J will stop vomiting long enough for the test.

I got a call from the doctor's office this morning that J was negative for HPV Peoria?  I'm probably totally typing that wrong -- but I didn't even know she was being tested for that ... OH! Stool sample.  That's probably from that.  It doesn't really matter if I know because she's negative for that.

Okay, my praying partners out there, please keep on praying that the CT Scan comes back clean, too.

C and I are starting to think maybe it's a gluten sensitivity -- she has a lot of other lifelong symptoms which go along with that and maybe it's just flaring up for so much pasta-eating lately.  Who knows?  But that would be easier to manage than something like a tumor.


  1. Whoops, I read these two out of order, but that's okay. Anyway, glad you got everything taken care of on a hectic morning.

  2. Thank you. :) And thanks for stopping by.

  3. You still had time to post!!