Monday, May 7, 2012

CT Scan Followup, Part II (Already)

So I guess they were just joking when they said three days.  Probably three days for the official radiology report, but our pediatrician saw the results online today (that's one good thing now that everything is electronically recorded) and he called me personally to tell me the news.

There is no tumor.

Praise Jesus for that.  I mean, I was pretty sure it wasn't a tumor because while I know God has a sense of humor, His is not a sick sense of humor.  We've been through sooooo much with these kids, I don't know if we could handle something that serious.  I'm not mature enough for that yet.

But seriously, it was such a relief to know for sure.  Thank you to those who have prayed faithfully about this matter.  I have really felt the encouragement and love coming our way.

In the meantime, the doctor wants us to start a food journal so we can maybe see some trends.  Because what they did see on the CT Scan is that her sinuses are all jacked up.  Or something.  He said that it goes along with the allergies they saw in her blood test results.  So now we need to figure out what it may be.

So the mean mama I am, we went to the store and got a cute little journal and some fun pencils and now J is in charge of writing her meals in there.  I figure she's missed a fair share of school ... so it won't hurt to get a little writing/reading/spelling practice in the meantime.  Make her part of the process, you know?  It's good stuff.

Otherwise, he says if she's still not well in a few days, we can do an upper G.I. barium (sounds fun) and/or some allergy scratch tests (also fun).  But we have seen a decrease in the number of times she's vomiting over the past four days, so perhaps this is because she's getting better or perhaps we've been suspicious about the whole gluten sensitivity thing and we're making doubly sure she's getting less of it.

So we'll see?


  1. Good idea to have J record what she is eating. We should all do that. I know I nibble and forget later.
    So glad the results of the CT scan were negative!
    Love, Mom

  2. I'm so glad IT'S NOT A TUMOR! {/Arnold}

    Seriously, I hope you get more answers soon!