Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mama's Day 2012

The kids got me a giant card and while it was pretty and nice, I think I liked their group effort envelope decorations best.

Did you think I could forget to wish all the Mamas out there a Happy Mother's Day?  Heck, no.  This blog is specifically about recognizing Mamas and all their hard work (among other things).  Current Mamas and Grandmamas, future Mamas, even those of you women who are Aunties or good friends who watch other Mamas' kids for them now and then -- you all deserve to be recognized on Mother's Day.  Good work, Ladies.  And Single Dad's -- happy day to you, too.

C took me out to dinner last night at a new restaurant in the area called Farm & Table (it was actually a place I noticed while driving around and thought it would be right up C's alley) and we had a great time, good food and a pleasant, talkative server who earned a nice tip for his time and efforts.  We shared some appetizers and split a burger and dessert.  I think the favorite of the evening was probably their pickled tempura vegetable appetizer.  It was unique, flavorful and memorable.  Yum.

After church today, C and I took the kids up to the Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument to hike around.  I'd been wanting to go see this place since moving here -- we pass the exit every time we go up to Santa Fe -- so finally, today was the day.

We planned to take the Cave Trail -- the mid-range as far as challenge goes -- and somehow, halfway up that trail, we missed a marker and ended up on the most difficult Canyon Trail path.  We did turn back before the last (and most difficult, we're told) 20 minutes to the top, and continued down the Cave Trail just as it started sprinkling (the Canyon Trail is prone to flash-floods, so we headed back strictly for safety reasons and not at all because we were too tired to do the steepest part of the hike - ha ha).  I think, in all, we walked probably 2.5 miles on rocky, varied-elevation terrain, so I feel like it was a good workout for everyone (and maybe, just maybe, they'll all sleep well tonight).

We learned a lot, too.  There were student guides available and little signs along the path so we could stop and learn about various flora and fauna, as well as the geological history of the place.  The youngest kids enjoyed looking for the markers and announcing which section C was to read to everyone.  It was really interesting stuff that we might not have noticed if it weren't for following the guide.  Yes, I will be including today in my 180 school days count for the year, thank you.  So what if it's a holiday?!

After that hike and just having snacks and water instead of lunch, everyone was very ready for dinner by the time we got back to the van.  So we headed up to Santa Fe and visited another favorite restaurant of ours: Blue Corn Cafe & Brewery.  Three of the kids were so tired, they just stared at their plates until boxes arrived so we could take their food home.  Guess what they'll be having for lunch tomorrow.

We got home and C had made a cheesecake from scratch (of course), so I drizzled mine in hot fudge and enjoyed a delicious treat -- probably putting back all the pounds I hiked off today -- but it was worth it.

Anyway, I did take pictures during the hike and while the site was deserving of a far better photographer, I wanted to share some of the beauty we experienced today with you.  I hope your Mother's Day was equally enjoyable.  I felt incredibly blessed to be able to do anything at all -- I mentioned to J that if this had been last weekend, we probably wouldn't have been able to go.  She's been well for like five days now and how wonderful it is to be able to get back out as a family and enjoy God's creation.

I took a couple pictures of this pretty flower, but C actually took this one -- bravely laying across a nest of red ants (unknowingly) to capture just the right angle.

These enormous squirting beetles were everywhere along the trail.  They left us alone as long as we gave them their space.

Yes, the trail continued under that fallen boulder -- we had to hunch down and walk under.  Definitely not wheelchair and stroller friendly up here.


  1. That does look pretty cool.. probably some nice photos at sunset, especially!

  2. Wow! Such beautiful and interesting landscapes. It's probably for the best that D and girls opted not to go with you.

    Great photos!

    Love, Mom

  3. Yes, well, we had other plans laid to accommodate D and girls, but when they opted out, we decided to save that for another time and do the Tent Rocks because they weren't coming (and would have a stroller).

    I think they ended up having a fun time just chill-axing at home, watching girl-movies together and waiting on our call for some cheesecake! :D