Friday, June 15, 2012

An Amazing Mama

Here at Mama Flock, I love sharing stories about amazing mothers in the world.  I find it inspiring as a mother to read about others who have figured out some of the intricacies of momming.  It's a tough job and I can use all the indirect advice I can gather on the subject.

Anyway, I was reading this morning, an article published by ABC News, about a 104-year-old mother who now cares for her elderly daughter who lives with dementia.  What an amazing person!

Click here to go to the article -- though if you Google her name, there are many versions of the same article (and some video footage - she's so cute!) if ABC isn't you're news source of choice.

I hope you enjoy reading about her as well.  Be encouraged.

1 comment:

  1. That is amazing! It certainly is good she is assisted by a caregiver for her daughter. I don't know how 1 person, alone, could handle someone with dementia at any age.