Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Journaling: Day 26

Today's prompt is about recording what happened today.  Unfortunately for me, my "day" started very early and therefore, I ran out of room before I could get to the end of the actual day.  So according to this journal entry, everything was done by 7:30pm (the truth is, anything can happen between 7:30 and 11:59pm in this house!).

Because my day is so full, I typed up my page in Word and tried to make it as legible as possible.  Not that anyone but me really would want to read all that went on today.  In fact, sadly, this was NOT all that went on today, but it was all I could remember or fit onto one page without a much smaller font size.  So, it's a general idea of how the day went and I'm fine with that.

Okay, here's my journal page, followed by some pictures since my page is so text-y today...

Some of the kids' watercolor paintings...

Some photos of us at the zoo...

Doing the Rhino Habitat craft

Looking for Polar Bears

Watching the Kangaroos

Crocodile comparison ... at least this room was air conditioned!

Water fights and liquid refills ... so, so hot!


  1. What can I say about that list? I'd be overwhelmed.
    These are parts of the zoo I haven't seen.

  2. It's a big zoo. We only did about 1/4 on this visit because it was so hot. After a couple hours, we needed to get back to the a/c.