Thursday, June 21, 2012

Journaling: Day 21

When I read that Janel wanted us to write about our favorite story of the day, I was thinking it was going to take me all day to decide.  But no.  I had my story by 9:30 this morning and I knew it's very unlikely anything will top it.

First, here's my journal page (and then I'll explain)...

I left to pick up my nieces this morning just before 9:00am.  K called while I was on my way to tell me E had a terrible diaper and she was stuck holding her legs till I got there because L and N were still asleep and she had no help.  Poor thing!

I got right to work when I arrived and got E all cleaned up and changed.  Poor girl has been so cranky, rashy, and feverish lately because her bottom teeth are about to sprout.  She is not herself at all and less sleep is making her worse, but how does one explain that rest will help to a 10-month-old?

By the time we were all ready to go it was about 9:15am.  We drove back to our house and when I walked in, S greeted me with my story of the day.

She said, "So... there was a Pomeranian in our house."

"What?!" was, of course, my reaction.

She explained that she'd left the sliding door open for Nova this morning while she did other stuff and when she walked back into that room, she noticed the curtains were moving around ... but that it was not windy outside.

She moved the curtains and there stood a little Pomeranian dog.  Almost exactly where a lizard had laid sunning itself earlier this month (the curtains were open then).

Not wanting to touch an unfamiliar dog, she sort of corralled it back outside.  Then she followed it as it made its way back to the side gate, squeezed through and off to wherever he went from there.

I'm so glad that Nova had been too sleepy to notice or things might have gotten ugly.  My one regret is that I wasn't there to snap any pictures of the Pomeranian in the house.  But, it still makes a pretty good journal entry.  I thought a lizard in the house was pretty unusual, but a wild Pomeranian?  Hmm.


  1. Awwww!! If you're going to find a dog in the house, a Pomeranian is probably the cutest one to find. :) Was it Rocky?

  2. No, she says it was waaaaay thinner. Not as fluffy and it was white.

  3. Not that you were serious about Rocky getting all the way over here. :)

  4. too funny!!! Also, I am loving the new look of your blog!!! so cute :)

  5. Thanks, Janel - it's all a gift from my very talented and creative sister, Jessica.

  6. Maybe that's why Rocky has been barking all night! He knows he's being talked about. ;)