Saturday, June 23, 2012

Too Much Food

Funny story.  So C got right to work last night preparing delicious breakfast foods to serve at the Men's Breakfast today at church.  Then he and H and Z were up at the crack of dawn to finish up, start the coffee and bring everything down to the church building before all the guys got there.  They are so ambitious!

In fact, their ambition was a little extreme this week since the Men's Breakfast isn't actually till next Saturday.  Whoops.

I got a call about 7:00am from C telling me the sad news.  So there he was with the most awesome breakfast, filled with deliciousness and heart, and ready to serve about 30 people at least.  I said, "Okay, let me see what I can come up with..." and I hung up.

I texted like 20 people to let them know there was a free breakfast happening 'right now' at the church and to call C if they were able to go down and partake.  People at our church know C's cooking pretty well, and if that didn't get them up and out of bed on a Saturday, not much would inspire them.  Yes, it's that good!  I know, because I took the other kids, plus my sister and nieces, and we went down and had ourselves some free breakfast.

A few people meandered down there and enjoyed the impromptu fellowship.  But in the meantime, the church admin texted me to say that the building was actually being loaned to a group of local Republicans for a meeting this morning.

I said, "Well, I'm sure they can use a good meal ... who knows what will come of it?  God has a plan!"

She told me she admired my attitude.

So C stuck around with the boys till the Republicans arrived and they cleaned house on the food he'd brought.  They were reminiscing about the good ol' days when they got to eat big breakfasts like that on a more regular basis (or so I'm told -- I was not there when the meeting started).

But then the funniest thing happened.  The Republicans enjoyed their meal so much, they started sticking money into the donation box that happened to be sitting nearby where C had the buffet line set up.  God did have a plan!  So people who don't normally attend our church, who were offered free breakfast and borrowed the facility (for free, I think), actually gave offerings to our church!  How awesome is that?!

Totally unplanned in our eyes, but the Lord knew how to open their wallets.

Besides the fact that having a catered event for all those Republicans had to be a good reflection on the kind of people our church has -- what a great method of outreach.   Maybe next Saturday, when the Men's Breakfast actually occurs, there will be a few extras in attendance.


  1. Haha.. love the shout-out to yourself, there. :P

    Yeah, C can start catering! But the surprise catering was pretty cool.

  2. I love it!! Such a happy ending.

    Love, Mom

  3. Oh shoot, Jessica, it wasn't meant to be that way. It was just a detail in the story. I totally didn't mean to be bragging. If anything, I was meaning to say she was too kind! Sorry not to clarify.

    Thanks, Mom. It was pretty exciting.