Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Little Catching Up

I thought I'd follow up with a few things that have gone on around here just lately for my own record keeping, but also for those of you (thanks, family!) who check my blog to stay current with what's going on in our lives...

1.  J finally lost her top front tooth!  It's been loose for ages (I don't remember if I mentioned this with regards to her bottom teeth that came out a ways back, but she doesn't wiggle the loose ones ... she pretty much waits for the adult teeth to push them out of her mouth), so it was about time.  C had taken her to the mall (her favorite place that I avoid as much as possible) and they sampled some chocolates.  Her tooth came out in a mint truffle.  What a way to go!  The tooth fairy remembered to come with five dimes that very night.  Phew.

2.  The same evening J lost her tooth, K also lost a tooth.  So they were all excited to share the tooth-aversary with one another.  Cute.

3.  Speaking of teeth, E got her first one on Saturday morning and it seems like the second one busted through today.  Saturday night, she tried biting her mama and D texted me about it and I replied, "Well, it seems like she's letting that one tooth go to her head!"  She hasn't tried biting me this week, but she's still a tremendously skilled pincher.  Ow.

4.  I think that's it on the teeth subject for the moment.  So I should probably say that S, H and L are all at camp this week with their youth group.  K will be old enough to go next year and then I'll be left with Z as my "big kid helper."  That's going to be crazy!  K has been filling in for S and I'll pay her this week, the same I do S, for assisting me.  But gosh, I sure do miss my oldest kids.  I forget how helpful they can be around here and just seeing their smiles and sharing hugs ... I'm glad they come home Friday.  But I'm glad God provided the resources for the kids to attend.  I know camp was something I'll always remember from my youth group days and I'm sure it'll be the same for them.

5.  So K has been filling in for S as much as possible, but today, she had to stay home.  Her mom took her to urgent care this morning.  She'd vomited Monday night, was fine all day Tuesday, then vomited again Tuesday night and her throat was pretty gross looking.  D thought it was probably strep (for the third time this year), but no!  It's a UTI.  Not sure how that all fits together, but at least she's getting medication now.  But it's yet another trip to the doctor's office for our two families (which are so often intertwined it almost feels like one big family) -- I don't remember the last time we've gone a whole week without someone getting medical/dental care.  Sometime in 2011, I imagine ... it sure wasn't this year!

6.  Update on other illnesses: my back is fine for now; C's sickness seems to have subsided; J's illness is under control by following an extremely low (to no) gluten diet and her behavior is a lot better (she's even been brave enough to sleep in her own room while S is gone at camp -- a first!!); and I think that's it on the open-ended health stuff.

7.  D's Partylite party went okay and we booked one off her (to her benefit) for September 8.  So if any of my readers like Partylite and want to order from their Holiday catalog, please feel free to email me and I can send you the link when I get that information from the salesperson closer to the date of our party.  You can order online, have it shipped directly to you, but still be included in our family's party total.

8.  Vehicle issues.  Blehh, there are plenty.  We were informed that our 14-passenger van needs a new transmission.  Fortunately, we know a guy who's going to help us out with that as a thank you for loaning it to the youth group so often (praise God for that provision!).  My Suburban has had the engine light on for a year now and we still don't know what is up with that except the slow oil leak -- we just keep it topped off and keep on chugging for now.  I'm praying it holds up.

D's minivan has had almost everything replaced on it, I think, since she moved here.  Today, it's in the shop for a new radiator; last week it was a brake job; and before that, she was down at the mechanic's (aka, car doctor) several days in a row for an electrical problem that was causing it to overheat regularly.  If you pray for our family at all, please continue praying for that minivan!  It's their only means of toting kids around and getting D to and from work.  It has too hold up because there is no money for a replacement vehicle at this time.

I think C's truck is doing great -- however, it is the newest of all the vehicles, so I would hope so!  But I am grateful that it's in good working order to take him to work and back every day.  Very necessary!

9.  C's job stuff.  This isn't really my story to tell, so I've been limited on what I say about it here.  However, after a major reorganization at work, his job was eliminated (at some future, unspecified date).  So he's been scrambling to find another position in the company that he can transition into before his current position goes away.  We think he's found a "new home," there at the same company and location, so this means there will be no major impact to our family with regards to his job situation.  This is a tremendous blessing!    I pray all goes well through this transition and that excessive goodness will come from it for him.  C deserves great things for all he does for this family.

10.  Despite innumerable challenges this year with piles of medical bills as a result of excessive health issues, auto repairs, home repairs, shifts in family dynamics, work stress, financial strain and preparing for some of our best friends to move away to another state (*sniff*), we continue to see God's goodness in our lives.  He is a constant source of strength and blessing.  Without Him, we are nothing.  His grace is sufficient for us, no matter what else we go through as a family.  God is good all the time.

May He bless you in your own life journey!


P.S. Happy Birthday to my sister-in-law, today!


  1. Thank you so much, Brenda!

  2. I didn't realize C could get a new position with the same company. That would be wonderful! I've been praying for him, too.

    The car issue is a bummer. Dad and I both need tires. It's most important for your dad to get the tires first since his work depends on a vehicle.

    So glad the sicknesses seem to be less. What is a UTI, anyway? I'm not up on medical terms. Poor K.

    Love, Mom

  3. Thank you, Mom.

    UTI = urinary tract infection :-/