Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Journaling: Day 13

Note to my kids: If/when you ever see the following journal page you don't like how I've depicted you, please don't think I don't love you or think you are beautiful.  I'm just a really, really horrible artist.  I'm following the assignment today, though, and I gave it my best shot.  Please take seriously the part about you inspiring me, but do not take seriously my artwork.  Thank you.

To the rest of my readers:  My kids are beautiful.  While these drawn depictions of them don't make it very obvious, they really are.  And I am so inspired every day by them.  I want to be a better mother, a better human, because I know they are watching me and learning from me.  I want to be healthier so I can live in the world longer and see them reach adulthood and parenthood and all that good stuff.  I want to live more honestly and with integrity so that I don't have to say, "Do what I say and not what I do."

I mess up all the time though.  Truth be told, I have terrible parenting moments and terrible moments as a human being.  The cool thing though is that my kids -- they are among the first to forgive me for it.  I dig that about them.


  1. Heehee...when did O get braces? ;)

  2. Ha, no they're not braces. His teeth just grow in every direction! That's actually the only accurate depiction here. He will need braces someday for sure.

  3. I think the drawings are good. I think they show a little of each child's personality. (especially the younger two!)

    I don't think you mess up at all.

    Love, Mom