Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Journaling: Day 19

I made it, folks.  C is away at the OHUG conference in Las Vegas all week.  He said his presentation went very well!  This is all good news, but it's little comfort for us at home who miss him desperately.  But we're surviving. 

I got to make the kids' favorite "Daddy's gone meal," which is Taco Soup.  Yes, I actually cooked dinner!  Hard to believe.  We also made another trip to the airport today to pick up L who was back from Oregon, where she was visiting another aunt there.  So it's been a busy day!

Anyway, I managed to squeeze in my journal entry for the day.  I had a little fun with heart-art today.  Maybe I got carried away, but who can have too many hearts?  Right?  Well, maybe I'm alone in that, but that's cool.


You might be wondering what the prompt was today!  Here's a link for you to go check out Janel's site.

P.S. I am also so joy-filled because S coordinated kids to clean house, while she mopped all our tile floors twice and vacuumed all the carpets really thoroughly in the two hours I was gone with H at the eye doctor's yesterday.  What a nice act of service.  Floors are my worst chore!  Such a wonderful gift to our family to have the house smelling nice and clean.


  1. This is awesome!! I have also known, since I was a child, that I was supposed to adopt !!! God is so good!!

  2. Well, I always thought I would have 12 children, with my 3 daughters + 9 grandchildren I do have 12. (At least at this point in time) God was way ahead of me :)

    Love, Mom

  3. God is always way ahead of me! (Thankfully.) And I agree, Janel, God is so good!