Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Next Thing: Lists!

So now that we're done with the 30-day Journaling Challenge, I needed to shift my focus and fill all my spare time with something new before I get soooooo bored.

Okay, I'm sort of kidding.  I mean, you all know I don't really have actual spare time.  It was a stretch to do journal entries every day (even if it was fun).  I had to sort of ignore kids or chores sometimes just to get them done.  But not too much.  That wouldn't be cool.

But anyway, I was at Target this morning picking up H's prescription for Flonase and I had a moment to look around and there were some really awesome things at the store that I'd never really noticed before.  Tell me if you've seen the neat lamps with the base made from a stick figure man, the television bag, the Tetris throw pillow or the numerous clocks and picture frames that are just so creatively amazing right now.  Maybe that stuff has been around a while, but I just never have time to look.

Well, I was commenting to S about all that stuff and how my birthday is coming up (in a few months from now) and all the sudden she disappeared.  I was calling her name and not getting an answer.  A few moments later, she reappeared and said she'd gone around the corner and couldn't find me so she was searching.  Hmm.  Weird.  But okay then.

When we got in the car to go home, she handed me a Target bag.  That stinker!  She had snuck up to the registers and bought me a surprise.

Does this girl know me or what?! 

I love lists!!  And this is going to be fun to create lists over time in this neat book.  Some of the list pages in the book are:  List Cities You Plan to Visit; List Your Dream Jobs; List Things to do in Retirement; List Things You'd Love to be Knowledgeable About; List Philosophies You Wish Your Brain Would Permanently Adopt; and List What You Hope They Say About You at Your Funeral.  There are around 70 lists in this book.

Anyway, these are not lists to be made individually and all in one day, so it's unlikely I'll be posting them here.  Well, you never know.  But anyway (yes, that's a favorite phrase for me), I am so thankful for this awesome book.

Why didn't I think of a List Book?  So easy!  Yet, perfect for a lister like myself.


  1. Wow, that's a great gift! I can think of a few friends who'd like that!

  2. Target, check it out. There was also another List one specific for people who like making lists about their friends. "List of possible nicknames for my friends," etc. But she knew I'm not a real social butterfly, so Lists about Me and My Future made more sense for me. :) Smart girl.