Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journaling: Day 17

Hello again.  Okay, so for today's journal page, I was supposed to dedicate the page to a special dad or man in my life.  Well, since I've recently posted so many wonderful things here about my husband, I thought I would use the opportunity to brag on my dad a bit.

My dad put up with quite a bit, being the only man in the house with a wife and three daughters!  We didn't cut him a lot of slack either.  But while he recognized we were females with girlie sides to us, he did his best to raise us to be strong and independent as well -- so that meant teaching us to be tough and learn some of the skills dads might usually be more inclined to pass on to their sons.

My parents and me when I was just barely out of the oven in 1973.  Those were the days!  Love the hairstyles.

Being the oldest daughter and the most tomboy of my sisters and I, I got to learn a bunch of cool stuff that most girls at the time didn't get to learn about.  While I'm glad to have a husband and sons now to take care of most of this stuff for me, I know that if I were ever lost in the woods, I could probably make my way to safety using some of the training he provided over the years in a variety of ways.

Anyway, here's my journal page and know that this list is not all-inclusive, but highlights some of the things I know I learned most and best from my dad, even if learning continued somewhere else after the initial instructions from him.

And yes, I realize now that the colors are way wild and I forgot to outline the middle of the A in learned, but whatev.  You get the idea.  So I didn't learn to color coordinate from him ... oh well.

Anyway, happy Father's Day, Dad.  I'm not sure if you ever get around to looking at this blog or not, but if you do and so you know, I love you and am so grateful to you for all the lessons you taught me over the years (and keep on teaching me!).

And for all my other readers, as my dad always ends all our conversations, "Have fun."


  1. lovely!!! I am sure that this page will mean so much to him

  2. Don't worry, I'll make sure he sees this one.


    Love, Mom

  3. This is your Dad speaking... Thanks so much for remembering some of that stuff. You forgot to mention that not only did I have Mom and you girls, even most of our dogs were female. :)And only one bathroom for most of those years. It was all worth it, as I have three great girls who have grown into very mature women, all of whom I am VERY proud.

    Thanks again, Dad

  4. Aww. Thank you, Dad, for coming to see my blog. And especially for being proud of us girls. :) You put in all the hard work years ago ... glad it's paying off! Ha.

    As far as only one bathroom ... yes. Thanks to God for shower curtains! We survived, though. Maybe we're stronger for it. (But I'm so glad I don't have to share a bathroom with our boys...ick!)