Saturday, June 23, 2012

Journaling: Day 23

Today's prompt was a free choice.  That's a lot of pressure!  I was really lacking in creativity, too.  But S came to my rescue, when I explained to her I couldn't think of what to do, so she said, "Why not do a page about New Mexico?"  Yes!  That's a great idea.

So far, I've lived in California, Nevada, Hawaii (briefly), Massachusetts (briefly), New Hampshire, and currently, New Mexico.  We've been here nearly four years already -- which has gone by like lightning, let me tell you!  But considering all the places I've lived and the various cultural experiences from one state to the next, I can say that I have enjoyed certain aspects of life in each location.

I can complain and tell you some of the negative stuff about life in New Mexico (don't get me started on the drivers!), but we'll save that for another day, maybe.  For now, I want to journal about some of my favorite things about living in the high desert here in central New Mexico.

And yes, I did it all on the computer (no rules, remember!) and no, those are not my photos - I shamelessly borrowed them and the maps.  Thank you to whomever took them. Credit is due.


  1. That was great! I know what you mean, though; I do better with boundaries when given an assignment.

  2. I think your page turned out awesome and I loved reading all about New Mexico! I actually stayed with the Acoma Native American tribe for 2 weeks one summer to learn how they did their pottery and I instantly fell in love with New Mexico. It's definitely some place that I want to visit again soon!

  3. Thank you, Janel. We visited the Acoma tribe years ago (before moving to New Mexico was even a sparkle in our brains) and they do make the coolest pottery. We have a Christmas ornament we purchased on that trip that hangs on our tree every year. :D Someday, we want to take the kids out there.

  4. Fun journal page! Great idea, S.

    R, I'm totes wanting to do a journal project like this, but I feel it's unfair to do one where I've already seen the prompts, so I'll probably look for another and not allow myself to look ahead. But this one has so much fun stuff!

  5. Well, Janel does it every June, so if you don't find one before then, just do it with me next summer. I totally want to go again next year. The prompts will be different.