Friday, February 22, 2013

A Third Tale and Some Corrections

Some of you may have read my post: Two Tales (or maybe not).  But I have since learned that Kaela (the young girl) has a webpage detailing her story and a way for others to contribute financially to help with medical expenses right there on her page.  Actually, it may not be her webpage, but someone who cares for her and cares for this family enough to post the information online on their behalf.

Anyway, I realize now that I had misheard or mis-recalled certain details of her medical history.  I hope you'll understand and forgive me as I just heard the story the one time and just felt so deeply moved I wanted to make sure and share the story with you -- as well as the resulting actions of our son, H.

Please check out the webpage with actual details and photos of Kaela and notice the sparkling eyes and dazzling smile in the midst of her giant burden.  She is an inspiration to me.

But since sharing with you Kaela's story and H's loving response, a third story emerged.

Upon learning of H's actions and her dad's response, S, too, contributed the remaining funds in her checking account and another gift card.  So all totaled, our family was able to contribute a nice sum.  It won't fix everything and it won't cover very many costs for very long, but I still say I'm in awe over the way God was able to answer my prayer of being able to help Kaela's family at all.

But the third part of this tale is that when S and H brought MP the envelope of money and gift cards, S kindly shared the story about her brother and MP nearly cried upon hearing of his sacrifice.  Then she talked to them and said, "You know, we are trying to see about doing a movie night with the youth group and with Kaela so we can get to know this family we are trying to help, would you like to present this envelope to the family on your own?"

H was thrilled about the opportunity to hang out with Kaela and to give it to her himself, as a representative of our family and of our Church (MP is holding the envelope for him until the movie day comes).  But most importantly, H was excited to be able to meet her.  To look at her for himself and see the joy in her face in spite of all her hardships. 

I believe her story (and her as a person) greatly inspires our son, as well.

One last time, find the website about Kaela's story here.

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  1. I just looked at the website. What can I say?
    Awesome young lady!