Friday, February 8, 2013

My A to Z

I'm jumping on the bandwagon and filling out this A to Z questionnaire to warm me up into this day.  I may post more stuff later...

Available or married?
Happily married.

I think my new Bible study book: Daniel, is waiting for me in my mailbox.  I'll go check it when it warms up a little today.   I'm really excited to get started with it.
Chore I hate?
This would seriously be easier if I could just list the chore I like.  But I guess floors are my worst chore.  Or bathrooms.  Ick.
Drink of choice?
Ice water.  On occasion, I like a Sparkling V8 Fusion.  They've helped me through those days when I just desperately need a soda.
Essential start to my day?
I'd love to tell you that it's prayer.  But I'm not always consistent with that, so unfortunately, I guess that means it's not essential?  I don't know.  I guess WAKING UP would have to be essential to start each day.
Favorite color?
I like all bright and bold colors, but royal blue is my best.
Game to play or watch?
I grew up in a board game family, so I have many that I enjoy playing.  Scrabble, Scattergories, Balderdash (but only if I get to be the Dasher), Yahtzee, Boggle, Racko, etc.  But these days, I'm really enjoying Zynga's games that I play on my iPhone:  Words with Friends, Hangin' with Friends, Matching with Friends, Scramble with Friends, etc.
I have lived many places that I have loved.  But since there is "no place like home," I guess that has to be in heaven.  However, I currently live near Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Instruments I play?
I learned to play trombone from fifth through seventh grade before I disappointed my parents by quitting band to do drill team for eighth and ninth.  Other than that, I'm fairly musically illiterate.  (For shame!  Am I allowed to admit that and still be a home school teacher?)
I wear many hats.  But the main one I claim when asked is "homeschooling mom of five."
Ha!  Do I even need to answer this here?  See the side bar or read more of my blog posts.  Hint: we have five.
Life is incomplete without...
Jesus is the "duh" answer, but I can't imagine life without my husband either.
Music group or singer?
Oh gosh.  I'm terrible with music group and singer names.  I like most of the bands that play on KLOVE and I've been a long time Paul Simon and Chicago fan (especially with Peter Cetera).  I have old soul music tastes.  But I like a lot of different one-off songs, not necessarily the singer or the band, but the songs.
Number of siblings?
Two younger, prettier, smarter, nicer sisters that I mention all the time here.  I also have a sister-in-law and her husband, plus a brother-in-law through my husband's family.
Oranges or Apples?
Cuties or Fuji apples.  I like them both.  Please don't make me choose.
Pet Peeves?
Hmm.  Maybe I should not say.  I feel like I have too many of them, but I'm really trying hard to stay positive and make the best out of dumb situations that drive me crazy usually.  But whistling for no reason bugs me.  And the word ain't.  A lot of words bug me, so I won't go into them.  See?  Now I'm feeling agitated.  Should have just stayed quiet.
Ha!  I was just over-explaining this quote to my patient friend, Vanessa, yesterday.  I love that part in the old movie, Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, where Christina Applegate learns to say, "Right on top of that, Rose!" when her boss is on an important call with a client looking for an update on something they are expecting from the company.  I reference that verse quite often in my life because most things aren't so definitive that I want to say, "Yes or No," that something is complete.

 Reasons to smile?
Even small miracles that happen every day, simple ways our kids demonstrate to me that they are learning and growing all the time, the nice things my husband says or does for me, good friends who just know exactly what I need in that moment.
Autumn trumps all of them for me.  Early autumn, especially.  But I have found a lot of joy in all of the seasons -- just depends what I'm in the mood to do.
I'm not opposed.  I just feel pretty clueless about what I'd even get.  I usually tell people, "Maybe when I'm thin."  S is determined she's getting one on her 18th birthday and she keeps trying to talk me into getting one with her that day.  I still don't know.  That's only four months from now.
 University attended?
Well, don't I feel sheepish.  I have a two-year Associate's degree that took me six years to achieve at Yuba Community College in northern California.  I used to work for the University of Southern California though.  Does that count?
Veggies I dislike?
Brussels sprouts.  Cooked carrots.  Peas.  (Though, I've learned to tolerate the second two if I must.)
What makes me run late?
Sometimes it's laziness or lack of preparedness.  Other times it's last minute kid issues like O can't find his shoes or something.  But I guess that also falls under lack of preparedness.  It all contributes to my grand plan of getting more organized in life.
X-rays I've had?
Let's see... ankles, knee, toe, back, ovaries, heart, teeth.  I think that mostly covers it.
Yum food?
Most everything C cooks for us.  Mexican food (note the omission of the word, "New," but I have found a place in my heart for red and green chile), Italian food, salmon, dark chocolate, perfectly prepared steak, all things potato (except potato salad), ice cream.
Zoo favorite animal?
Reticulated giraffe.  But if you've read this blog before, I'm sure you knew that already.

Please feel free to comment below if you've posted your answers to this anywhere.  Thanks for playing along!



  1. I'm not a big fan of peas either, but they can occasionally be good in a certain type of dish (like fried rice) or if they're REALLY fresh!

  2. I agree, Brenda. And for some reason I like sugar snap peas fine. I've also found that with enough butter or salt, most anything is palatable. But I don't go out of my way for peas, that's for sure. (Our daughters love them for some odd reason. Not our sons.)

  3. Ha! For those who read this post right away, I've since realized I forgot to do W. I just added that one in. So for those who didn't read this immediately, the post just got longer for you. Sorry. :)

  4. I did not know you were a Chicago fan. That's always been one of my favorite bands. (It's all about the brass!)

  5. Did you not ever wonder where your Chicago 17 album was? In my bedroom! Till I got a CD player and C bought me that CD. :) I've listened to that one so many times. It's the best Chicago album ever. Ever.

  6. Wow, Mom didn't know you were a Chicago fan? Weird. We Chicago-ed it up as kids! Remember your lip-syncing performance of Will You Still Love Me? (I almost thought that was You're the Inspiration since many of their songs sound the same).

  7. I know! Right?! I think she's the one who got me hooked with "Hard Habit to Break" or something.

    I used to *make* Chris sing to me "You're the Inspiration" when he dropped me off after a date when we were late teens. I refused to get out of the car till he sang a couple verses. So nice of me. I guess -- even though it's cheesy when I think back now -- it was a good thing. Now he sings for our church worship team. I always loved his singing voice. :) Awww.