Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lent, My Day 12

Today has been a good day so far.

I took my camera to church service and captured scenes from around the building as asked to do by the church's admin.  She's going to put together a slide show for Easter, I think.  As I weaved in and out of classrooms and hallways, I ran into several people I don't often see.  It was nice to exchange a few words or a hug and then move on to continue the job.

After church, I sat down to move the photos from church and from yesterday's football scrimmage to my computer.  Then C said he would take the kids to do something fun for the afternoon if I would like him to do that.

Yes, please.

I thought I'd use my time to run down to Target to pick up a birthday card to go with the gift we got Z.  He'll be 11 tomorrow.  But, instead, I am just enjoying some time blogging and researching stuff.  I've been texting my friend SSW, who recently finalized adoption of their youngest child and my sister, Jessica, who was trying to identify an animal she photographed in the wild where she lives.

It's cold and holding steady in an "about to snow" kind of weather condition outside, so I'm just not really in the mood to go back out right now.  Maybe I'll make a card.  Or get one in the morning when I go to pick up a balloon with which to decorate his breakfast chair.  Or tonight.  I don't know.  It doesn't matter ... I know it'll get done.

C mentioned we will go out to eat as a family around 4:00 today.  I've built up a voracious appetite since breakfast (and haven't found anything good for lunch around here).  I'm looking forward to a good meal with my loved ones.

Speaking of eating, C signed us up for a local gym (a "no judgement" gym, so let's hope it really is) yesterday.  I'm anxious to go check it out.  We saw a decrease in our monthly mortgage payment and so it was just enough to cover that.  I miss visiting a gym regularly.

I used to have a really nice women's only gym when we lived in Sacramento, CA.  Back east, I frequented Curves.  But since moving to NM, the most consistent exercise thing I've done is the Holy Yoga class on Thursday nights.  I still love it, by the way.

Eating well has helped me lose weight and feel healthier, but it's that time where things are starting to really plateau and I think that in order to kick start and continue losing, I need to add in more regular exercise.  I do like exercising, too, so my endorphins will increase and I'll feel better and less stressed every day.  I'm looking forward to it.

I guess I've lost enough so far that people are starting to notice.  I've had several people come up to me and tell me I'm looking great.  Haven't heard that in years.

I am not what I weigh.  But now that I weigh less, I feel more confident and I find it easier to approach people and talk with them.  I'm finding many things easier these days ... except knowing the size of clothing to get for myself.

I've been 3X and 4X for years (even some 5X shirts because I like them a little loose), but I just got myself some yoga-ish pants in XL the other day -- two pairs and two separate brands.  I know they're stretchy and I'm not ready for that size in jeans, but still, I was in shock.  I'm still afraid to buy less than a 3X in t-shirts.  My favorite WalMart tees do tend to shrink, too, so that's part of the reason.  The other reason is that I'm just not sure of myself and fitting into smaller stuff.  But the 3X's I wear are fitting me loosely.  It's weird.

What is this new life where I feel healthier and happier, where I have more confidence and am more comfortable in my body?  It's all very foreign and strange.  But I think I like it.

Today, I'm thankful for time.  I'm thankful for time to write, time to reconnect with those I care about, time to contemplate, time to rebel against my own plans and time to continue living life (and perhaps time to extend my life as my health continues improving).

What a gift today has been for me.


  1. Awe, you are amazing lady, keep up the good work :-)

  2. I am very proud of you. I have got to get back to some exercise routine.