Tuesday, February 5, 2013

An Old Photo

In my searching through old photos for information to contribute to S's transcripts, I have come across several fun pictures from the "olden days," when the kids were still really young and I was still very new to parenting.

Here's one of J, taken in the spring of 2007, so she's about 2-1/2.  I love that I took the time to capture this messy picture before we started the cleaning.  She was always so inquisitive.  Into everything.  This photo kind of says it all...


  1. Had J just sprinkled that powder all over? She does look really serious. Maybe seriously worried you'll get upset :0

  2. I went to get her up for the day and found that J had poured out nearly a whole bottle of powder. I made her stay put and then pose for this picture. The face is all her own!

    I don't know if you can tell, but the powder is all over here (and everything) and there was a lot hanging in the air still. The picture is a little foggy because of that.

  3. My daughter Heather did the same thing as a toddler. She walked up and down the upstairs hallway before I woke up joyfully sprinkling baby powder. When I woke up and looked out into the hallway, it appeared to have snowed overnight ... inside! So funny now looking back!

  4. Yes, this was not a one time thing, unfortunately. It happened a few times after that ... but I don't think I got pictures every time. :)

    She continues to sprinkle things around the house, but usually now it's glitter, fabric scraps, paper cuttings and Barbie shoes.

  5. AND Thank you for sharing your story, Jane!