Friday, February 8, 2013

Sixty Words

The graduation committee has asked each parent (or set of parents) to write a 60-word biography for their son or daughter.  These will be displayed with four photos of the graduate at the ceremony.

Sixty words?!

That is an especially tough requirement for the word-limit challenged such as myself.  But in the nick of time (today's the deadline), I managed to put together a biography for S.

Sixty words.  Exactly.

C and S approved.  Here's what I wrote (I've used initials in this version as I usually do in this blog)...

S is the oldest child in the C family, with four younger siblings.  She is a natural leader and mentor.  We recognize her gift of having great compassion for others.  We are so proud of our S for her dedication to serving children, the homeless population and animals in various local programs.   She is an amazing person with unlimited potential.

Difficult to sum up a person's existence in just 60 words.  So hopefully, this does our daughter justice at the graduation ceremony.


  1. Thank you. And you'll see it again when you come for the graduation! I'm so glad you got tickets to fly here for that.