Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lent, Day 11 on My Schedule

I recently found out that Lent doesn't count Sundays.  So I was a little Lent-illiterate.  A little Lent-naive.  A Lent-idiot, I suppose.  So Lent for me will be a little longer than 40 days.  You won't mind if I share six extra days of thankfulness, right?  It certainly won't hurt me.

So I'll still be thankful on Sundays during Lent.  Deal with it.

Anyway, today was a really busy day!  But let me tell you how it all started...

Last night, I realized I'd never taken the time to work on my Daniel study.  All. Week.  Between various sicknesses all around me, praying extra hard for a certain friend of mine and just regular life, I had not made the time.  Maybe we could have done without the Presidential Bobbleheads craft, but hey, that was for school and we're not skipping out on school this week.  Besides, those bobbleheads brought some joy and gave me something else to be thankful about.

So as I laid there struggling to fall asleep and debating about whether to get up and do all the homework in one middle of the night cram session, I sort of decided that maybe this week I would just skip out on the Bible Study group.  It's one week, right?  Who cares?  You know all the rationalizations we can give ourselves.  Especially when it's the middle of the night.

I planned instead to make up for my lost sleep by just sleeping in.  Besides, I had a busy day laid out ahead.  It was all very justifiable.

My alarm was still set for 7:30 (my Saturday alarm), though, but I woke at 6:59am.

"Good joke, Lord! Ha.  I was so going to sleep in today and why, then, are you waking me up early?"

So I laid there for a few minutes, still trying to talk myself out of getting up and instead trying to resume my sleeping in that I was planning the night before.

Then I heard that still, small voice inside that told me that I'd been awakened early because I was not supposed to skip the study.

I prayed, "Lord, if it's your will for me to go to the study today, I'm too tired to argue with you about it, but seriously, I need your strength and motivation to get me going then."  (And yes, my conversations with Him are often like that -- full of attitude and smart-aleckiness.  I'm comfortable enough that I can be my usual self with Him.)

A couple more minutes passed and then I felt bored of lying in bed.  I got up.  I showered.  I went through my usual morning routine and found myself eventually dressed and ready for the day.  It wasn't even 8:00 and the study starts at 8:30.

I guess I was meant to go.

Once there at the study, the group was asked who did their homework and I was ashamed, but admitted that I had not.  The leader was very understanding and told me just to fill it in as we went through it.

At one time, there was a time to share a story that spoke to a specific point and nobody was really speaking up.  I was staying quiet because, again, I hadn't done my homework, so I really didn't feel like I had any right to dominate the conversation with my stories.

There it was again, though.  That small voice -- the one that I've learned to listen to -- he was nudging me to share the story he'd put on my mind.

So I spoke.  I talked about a tough time and how the Lord had comforted me amidst that time.  Of course, I got all teary because that's how God made me.  Easy to cry.  Anyway, I guess it worked out because after that, another woman shared her story (which was interestingly connected with mine in a way).  And another woman thanked us for sharing our beautiful stories.

God is really amazing.  I know that is probably the theme of many of my posts lately -- especially my thankfulness posts.  If you are not a believer, maybe these posts have you rolling your eyes at my constant repetition about my God.  But seriously, I can't say it enough.  He is amazing.

I didn't even want to be there today.

Yet, he took a reluctant servant and used her (me) once again.  It wasn't an earth shattering moment.  It wasn't like, "Wow, I've never felt the hand of God so closely before!"  I've shared my stories before.  This wasn't new.  It was that He cared enough about me to make sure I got there.  To make sure I was surrounded by some wonderful ladies of His who seem to like me even though I am weird.  To make sure I shared a little bit more about myself and to realize again that He is amazing.  He is Good.  He is Love.

He forgives me for not making the time for Him this week that I should have.

Today, I am thankful for that still, small voice.  The Holy Spirit.  Without him, I'd probably be getting more sleep, but I wouldn't be where God wants me to be.

After the study time, I drove to pick up kids from dance class (C had dropped them off, but didn't stay because he's been sick).  Then Z had a scrimmage today and I was there to photograph the whole thing for the team.  Then J had a basket-weaving class at the library and I spent the time catching up with my friend, KF (who was also at the library).  Then S and I went out for dinner -- just the two of us.

Finally, I'm back at the house.  A full day.

How about you?  How was your Saturday?


  1. I didn't know that about Lent either!

  2. Okay, now that I've read the REST of your post... Interestingly, I was also at a Daniel Bible Study though I had only done 1 day of my homework, and a wonderful, sensitive woman there gave a deeply personal testimony of a particularly difficult time in her life. So many synchronicities (those are never accidents, you know)! BTW, if you're weird, then I am too. Thanks for publishing your blog and giving me the link. I can see that I will be reading it often.

    Sending you love, Jane

  3. Thank you so much, Jane. Welcome! I'm glad you're here. :)