Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lent, Day 6

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know we took a day trip to Farmington, NM and surrounding areas and had a nice time on this Presidents' Day.  Z prayed for our safe travels at the start of the trip and even remembered to pray for our president and pray in thanksgiving for past presidents without any reminders.  I was very impressed he remembered the holiday.

I am thankful for time with my family, for a big giant van so everyone can stretch out a bit, for my husband -- the wonder-driver -- and for new adventures and places to see.

Enjoy some photos from our day (there are a few more on Instagram if you're curious)...

The Farmington Museum had a mix of Oil Drilling stuff (big oil area up there), gas station memorabilia (naturally, because of all the oil), New Mexico/Farmington history stuff and currently, a Navajo Photography exhibit (where I spent the most time).

They had actual models of oil drill bits and this computer screen animation of a drill mining down through the layers of dirt and sediment.  There was also a simulator for people to ride down and pretend they are an oil drill (looked like an elevator from the outside), but it was out of order this day.

This crazy Limoseum was parked out front of the museum.  The boys were fascinated by it.

Navajo weaving display ... Z suddenly got really tired and actually fell asleep for a couple minutes on that bench.

San Juan River.

Somehow my pictures got loaded in weird order and I'm too lazy to fix them up right now.  The kids were particular about the Indian girl with the contemporary-looking Hershey bar.  They had Hershey's back then, but the packages looked different and our kids weren't fooled!

The sign says it all.  It was frrrr-eeeezing up on top of the dam.

Navajo Lake/Reservoir.

San Juan River again.

And more San Juan River with a canoe guy and a fly-fisherman wading out there in the icy waters.  This area is known for the best trout fishing around.

Okay, well, this out of order picture is taken while I stood on the river bank looking back towards some campsites we really liked by the San Juan River.  We don't camp much in NM because we haven't really found campgrounds we like.  But we were fond of this one -- it has actual trees!  And flush toilets (bonus).

Sunset in the campground.

Okay, here I'm standing in the campsite near the picnic table and the kids are walking back towards me from the river's edge.

And this is our drive home, randomly in the middle of other pictures.  Ha!  What is up Blogger?!

Here's one of the electrical sites (also handicapped).

Here's one of the non-electrical sites.  These sites have a lot of room for both the trailer and a tent if we want and have some privacy from surrounding sites and good access to the river (even a slower patch where kids could more safely play in the water if it was a warmer season).  Also, they could ride bikes and play catch in the big open field between the sites and the river.  Lots of good.  I was just happy to have hope restored that maybe someday we can go camping again!  I miss it!

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  1. Camping is still fun for Dad and I. Even the desert camping we did in Death Valley. This does look like a great place.