Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lent, Day 8

There were several moments today where I felt like tearing my hair out. 

I've got the sorrows of a friend on my heart today and have spent all my spare moments breathing prayers to our God on her behalf.  It's been about to rain all day, so the weather has given me a really awesome headache.  I try not to take pain medication since learning that the more I take, the more likely I'll have Alzheimer's -- so I just suffered through it.   N was sick today, so we had two extra little ones running around the house and I decided today was the day to do some housework.

What was I thinking?!

However, in spite of all the distractions and challenges, somehow, the Lord helped me bring everyone together to help out and we got all the listed to-do items accomplished except vacuuming because apparently there is trouble with our vacuum.  The list also included clearing off my PC desktop and my actual work desk top.  I posted a picture of them weeks ago in Instagram and I hadn't gotten around to fixing the problem till today.


But oh my!  I am so thankful for my tidy desktops.



I know me.  I know they won't always look this good.  I tend to work best with a little clutter around me.  And saving files to my desktop is so easy.  But I shall enjoy the orderliness while I can.


  1. Having a clean workstation helps a lot!

  2. It does and it doesn't. I feel less creative with everything so neat. :-/

  3. That's how it goes in my sewing room :)