Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lent, Day 7

I'm thankful today because I accomplished the first step in my therapy goal about getting things done for S's graduation.  My therapist wanted me to complete the "gathering process" for grades 6-9 and I have done that.  For our next appointment, I need to complete grades 10-12.

And this process is not all that difficult, it's just really time-consuming.  I search through my old lesson plan books, my organized records (and my disorganized ones), my photos and of course, the boxes full of school work that I've stowed away.

I've nearly filled a 70-page college-ruled spiral notebook with grades 6-9.  It's pretty amazing what we've been able to accomplish in these past years of school.

Even more amazing when I think about what the Lord has accomplished in us during that time.

We are exactly two months from her graduation day now.  My how the time flies.

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  1. Congratulations to you for achieving your first goal! I was telling your dad that I need you to visit for a month just to help me in cleaning all of our photos and paperwork.