Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday Results

So I went to the doctor this morning and lo and behold, I do not have Strep throat.  Hallelujah and Amen to that.

Sadly, I do have an ear infection, my sinuses are all jammed up and my throat is bright red.

But I'm on antibiotics now and so that should keep me from getting strep from the kids (I hope).  So far, H and Z still seem healthy.  O, S and J are in better spirits today and all three are past their 24 hours on medication so they're technically no longer contagious.

We're in the toss out old toothbrushes, wipe down their bathroom drawers where toothbrushes lived and hand out the replacement toothbrushes phase.

More Lysol.  Lots of hand washing.  Nobody breathe on anybody!

Thankfully -- this sounds terrible -- K was still ill at home and E stayed with her again today since we didn't know what I had (till after the doctor appointment).  Unfortunately, K got worse and my sister, D, had to come home from work early because of K and because her own throat is getting really sore.  I hope they didn't get Strep over there, too. 

I'm not fully up to par today.  Been lazing around a lot.  The kids have been pretty good today, though, so they're kindly giving me a little break.

Hopefully, my energy will be restored again tomorrow.

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  1. So you did have an ear infection! So sorry! That can be a real pain. (pun intended)