Saturday, February 2, 2013

Six-List: Six Things I'm Looking Forward To

It's been awhile since I've posted a "Six-List," so I thought I would do that this morning between dance and football practices.

Happy Groundhog Day!  I hear that we're due for an early spring this year if we believe the hog.  I've already seen and felt many signs of an early spring around here.  I'm even enjoying some new things that are just getting started and I'm looking forward to doing more.  So here are six of them...

1.  Bible Study.  A new women's study group that came together for the first time this morning.  We are studying Daniel and following Beth Moore's book by the same name.  The leader says we'll be learning a lot about the history (and we already began today) of Daniel's time and how his story relates to us nowadays.  We'll be focusing on themes of integrity and prophecy.

2.  Holy Yoga.  I've been twice now and I love this stuff.  I only wish there was more than one night a week of class.  I feel so good following class and into the next day or two.  Then I need another dose of it.  They have a daytime class, but it's not really practical for me during teaching time.  The class is doubly good since it is free through my church.

3.  Date Night.  I received an awesome blessing this week when my new friend called me up to tell me that she and her husband were talking about it and they'd like to give C and I a date night!  They are coming over to hang with our kids on Saturday the 9th so we can go out.  Date nights are pretty rare in our house since it's hard to find good care for the kids without putting everything on S's shoulders.  And it's perfect since it's close to Valentine's, so maybe we'll celebrate that then.

4.  OHUG Convention.  Okay, so I'm not looking forward to the convention itself because I have nothing to do with that.  C attends every year for work and two years ago, it meant we were able to work it into a family vacation to Florida.  Last year it was in Las Vegas (NV), so we skipped it as a family and C went alone.  This summer it is going to be in Dallas, so that's even better than driving all the way to Florida!  While C is at the convention, the kids and I go exploring (and swimming!) in a different part of the world, so I'm really excited to do that.

5.  Locating Battery Charger.  I took my big camera to California.  Since coming home, I have not been able to locate my battery charger.  So it has rendered that camera useless until I find it.  And no, I don't believe it's still in California.  But where, oh where?  In the meantime, I'm having fun using my iPhone for photos.  But pretty soon, football games will be starting up and that's when I definitely need my Nikon.  Pray it turns up soon.

6.  Completing Transcripts.  When I started homeschooling the kids, I was so organized.  I tracked field trips, teachable moments, projects, service and school work in big, elaborate spreadsheets.  It was awesome (because I love spreadsheets).  But then when we added kids to our school at home, I stopped being so thorough.  I'm lucky now if I toss completed assignments in a box for the year.  Now it's coming back to haunt me.  I did not take my friend's advice long ago and create the transcripts a little at a time.  Now I'm scouring calendars, old assignment boxes and photos to remember everything this girl has accomplished (it's a lot!).  It's a big process, but I'm having fun traveling memory lane.  I most look forward, though, to finishing this process up before she actually needs her transcripts in hand.

I will, however, try to be more organized again in time for the younger kids.  This is a new goal for me, starting now.


  1. I've done that Beth Moore study and it was GREAT!

  2. I'm assuming that you are looking for S's accomplishments. I know how any task can haunt one if not completed. I am the queen of procrastination. I will pray for your task's completion and great transcripts for S. :)