Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lent, My Days 13-15

I can't believe I am posting three days of Lent Thankfulness in one post.  This is so unlike me.  But it's been that kind of week so far.

So here we go...

Day 13, Monday: I'm going to borrow my sister's answer for this one and tell you that, I, too, was thankful this day for our son, Z.  He turned eleven!  I've even updated my side bar three days later.

Z is an energetic, intelligent, gutsy kid.  He causes a lot of trouble around here, but he also brings me tons of joy.  He's got a quick wit and a great knack for storytelling ... just ask him.  Ha.  Or better yet, here's a video of him telling me a story after one of his soccer games when he was about seven.  Listen to the fun way he talked before he learned to enunciate his Rs.

Day 14, Tuesday:  Oh gosh, Tuesday was a tough day for me.  Don't believe me?  I documented my misery with my phone.  See the major eyelid-swelling and Rudolph's nose?  Yeah, I had been crying.  Again.  By now you are all probably used to hearing about all my crying.  I don't know why God made me a crier and then didn't give me the blessing of being a beautiful crier.  I'll have to ask Him later.  But now you have this great mental picture of me to hold onto, so if I say it was a tough day, visualize this:

But this is not a post about why life is sometimes hard.  This is about why I'm thankful!

I guess it would have to be that I was still breathing and I had several friends checking in on me and maybe when the causes of this are all figured out, I'll get a good blog post out of it for Mama Flock.  It'll hopefully have an uplifting end to the story, too, so don't worry.

Day 15, Wednesday:  Today, I'm thankful for a conversation I had with our kids this afternoon (it's part of that future post) and just to know their hearts a little more.  They are good kids and I'm honored to be their Mama.  I know I'm biased, but I'm telling you truth.  I'm also thankful for other conversations I had today with friends and other family members.  God truly is working all things together for my good.

Not much accomplished around here today, but certainly, a lot of good word exchanges going on.  Relationship-building stuff.  I like it.


  1. Awe, keep ur head up lady, ur an awesome mama with amazing kids :-)

  2. Such a cute video. :) :) Hi, Z!

  3. Loving your posts and so glad you are a crier...I am right there with ya on that one! I loving Z's pictures too!

  4. Hear I am so late, again.

    Ahh! Z was so cute. (He still is, but I guess at 11 he is more handsome.)

    So sorry to hear about your bad day! (I really haven't heard the details, yet, but the results to your eyes are sad :() I am sorry that you probably got the crier personality from me and I look terrible when I cry!

    I love you, Mom